How early men held liquidity

Man since the early age civilizations, of course after the advent of the concepts of money, has always wanted to earn the liquidity of money, so in the times of urgency, it shall be used properly. When it comes to maintaining liquidity in all the times, it is proven that the people in the past did threw off the commodity – for – commodity exchange system, better known as the barter system, only to be substituted by the systems so strong formed by the money. The money that has got all the advantages on its side, has ousted all other systems prevailing in the current world to establish its dominance over the financial systems all over the world. The financial systems of the world know it better to have liquidity in the form of money, rather than keeping it in the form of any other stock, food or cattle.

But now, if there are measures that are more liquid than money ever was, the humanity shall accept the opportunity with all gladness and establish the bitcoin exchanges to rule over the financial systems of the world.

Bitcoin exchanges do not need any market in physical locations where these can be traded, however to buy bitcoins mean that no place for their storage, except the virtual and cloudy one, would ever be required or so. The bitcoins may be traded better than money, for there are chances of loss of currency through theft or even fire. The currency could be torn off, yielding nothing other than loss to the owner, but how to buy bitcoins, if known could be of great use for those who fear the loss of their money. And hence they would be more liquid than money ever was, and could be easily used to establish one of the strongest foundation financial system all over the world.

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