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    The benefits of LED bulbs for the consumer are obvious: it’s the energy efficiency and durability. As the producer claims, they may serve over 20 years! But, even though the first LEDs appeared long ago, more precisely in 1927, this form of lighting cannot be called adequately analyzed and the greatest option. The dangers of LED lighting may be studied on numerous sources. The principle problem which causes specific concern among researchers and ophthalmologists is the presence in the emission of light-emitting diodes of high intensity blue spectrum. But the price of LEDs is continuously going down, which is good. Even so, LEDs are progressively bettering, and some manufacturers are making more reliable and risk-free products during the last couple of years. As a result, numerous persons have a question: how to choose LED bulbs for home so that these lamps actually worked for many years and don’t harm wellness. To select a good lamp, you should do some investigation and evaluate products.

    An important point which you need to consider is the light flow. When getting LED lamp, you need to ignore the typical qualities of incandescent lamps, which is about watts. Illumination or, more correctly, the light output of LEDs is described slightly differently. Contrary to popular belief, the power isn’t an indication of luminous flux; it indicates the quantity of energy absorbed. In common lamps, there exists a direct connection between the luminous flux and use of energy, but in a LED, there is no direct relationship there. The luminous flux of LED bulbs is calculated in lumens (lm), and this number is needed to pay attention to when buying LED lamps.

    The color rendering index (CRI) is one more point you should think about. The color rendering index implies just how much in the lamplight other colours are seen; it differs from 0 to 100. The higher the value, the better the color rendering is. Some incandescent lamps have CRI of about 97-99. But it should be a minimum of 80 and above.

    There’re lights which permit you to adjust the brightness, but, obviously, the price of such lamps goes up. And there’re lamps which are compatible with systems made for incandescent lamps, but it’s necessary to clarify the purpose. Also, LED lamps are best for spot lighting. In general, they have a small angle of orientation of approximately 120 degrees. Knowing all of this, you could buy the best LED light bulbs right here https://www.earthled.com/.
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