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How to Install the Xposed Framework on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Xposed Framework and Installer is one of the greatest things that have been around Android. And probably one of the worst thing happened to Custom ROM.

So, Just What is Xposed Framework?
Xposed Framework is similar to a container which has several modules called — Xposed modules. Think of Xposed Framework such as Google Play Store and also the Xposed modules because the Android apps you located in Play shop. However there are not many significant gap Xposed frame and Google Play.
1. You’ll need root access to set up Xposed framework. Well technically, you do not require a Root Android device to put in Xposed Framework, rather, you require a device with custom recovery installed. However, to get Custom recovery, you’re most likely cross the route of rooting your own Android.
2. Contrary to Google Play Store, which has a huge number of apps, Xposed frame Includes a number of modules
3. And unlike the Apps you discovered on Google play, Xposed modules are substantially effective in tweaking each part of their machine configurations of your Android.
What you will want to install Xposed Framework?
1. Android device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow
2. Custom recovery installed (like TWRP)
For this case, I am using a Rooted Moto e3, operating of Android Marshmallow using TWRP custom recovery installed.
Summary of the Procedure
Install Xposed frame is small tricking, you cannot simply download the Xposed apk and install it on your Android, just like you do with additional Android apps. It does not work like that.
Rather, here’s what you have to do —
• To start, download two files — Xposed Length (zip) and Xposedd Installer (apk)
• Next, first flash the Xposed Framework zip file in the custom recovery
• And then put in the Xposed Framework and Installer as you put in regular apps

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