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2 Steps to Become a Expert at Call of Duty

For the previous two years I’ve spent a good amount of time playing Call of Duty. Initially I took it up as a hobby and played my spare time. As time progressed I got a hang of this game and found myself with 100 and kills, on events. I joined a clan called “K!LL Klan” and started to do a little online competition at GameBattles.com. As a group we have been named champions for hardcore game play and got a decoration that’s observed on our Game Battles “GB” profile. I’ve come up with 2 Steps to develop into a expert in Call of Duty for players that wish to get better and compete in a high point. These measures can help to understand that the fundamentals of playing COD and will help give you the skills you want to be an expert.

Step 1: Divide from the Controller
In case you’ve got a new controller for your PlayStation or Xbox it’s always good to split it in using it continuously. No I don’t mean to break a hole in the center of the controller except to loosen up the buttons in addition to the analog stick. It’s always good to play a loose stick since it assists with freedom throughout the game play. When you realize that your controller is broken in you’ll usually notice circular motions on the environment of the controller’s analog stick.
Step 2: Understand Button design
When you start playing the game automatically provides you a default controller button design. It’s good to be conscious of what every button is used for viewing you’ll have to use all eleven buttons, not such as the vertical pad but for the right vertical, which will be automatically the stock for all button designs. It’s good to decide on which button design fits one of the best, seeing this, that’s what you’ll use for your entire game plays. I would recommend using the strategic button design as you may notice in the next step.