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Easy Funny Hacks using Bread Clips

You would be amazed what you can use your bread clips for, Bread clips can hold a lot out for you. So we would be sharing some easy funny hacks on how useful bread clips can be you.
Use your bread clips to identify your wires or power cords: This funny hack, keeps things less complicated. Most times especially at work, the cords can be so many, we have the PC cord, the cord from the CPU, the cord from the desktop, the cord from the mouse, cord from television, all connected to one board, then when you want to pull a cord out for one reason or the other ,you begin to trace the end of the cord to the beginning because you don’t want things like your television or Desktop to go off suddenly.

Now, this is where your bread clip comes in, this is a quite easy life hacks . All you have to do is label the bread clip with a marker and clip it on the cord. So every cord has a name and that way, you don’t need to go tracing the cord to the gadget but you just see the label already and pull out or let it remain, depending on what you want to do.
Use your bread clips to hold the end spot on you cello tape or any kind of tape: Using a Tape after you have used it for the first time ,can sometimes be tricky, you probably have to go round the tape over and over again trying to look for where you left off. So people have used a razor to cut on a wrong spot, ruining the whole tape or they probably use their teeth on the spot also ruining the tape. You can put a bread click at the end of your used tape so you don’t have to look for where you left off.
Use bread clips to repair your flip-flops from holes : As flip flops get old, they tend to wane in the middle and start forming holes that can pull off, you can use your bread clips and attach it to the knob that is found at the back of the flip flop, to disenable it from pulling off as a result of the hole. Quite a funny hack.

Life hacks for a day at home

A day at home could just be a day you probably wanted to stay home, and do things people do when they stay home, maybe you wanted to try a new cooking or do a little cleaning, or just watch a movie, I would like to share a couple of life hacks that might help you achieve this day with less effort.

Trying out a new Recipe: Trying out a new recipe ,is always exciting and you want to get everything just the way it is explained I’m the book, 2 ounce for 2 pinch of salt and so on. And you carry your cook book everywhere. To make your job easier, you can actually use you pants hanger to hang you cook book to the wall, while you look at it directly and ensure you put everything in just the right way.
Wanting to keep your favorite old shirt: Yeah it happens, since its your stay home day, why shouldn’t you wear that old shirt you like so much, and sing around happily, but now there are holes on it, so what do you do. You can actually take a tape and cover that hole on the shirt from the back of it, then you use a marker to color it, depending on the color of the shirt to look even. Just remember to take off the tape before you take it to the washer. A wengie lazy hack for a day at home.
Watching a Movie with you PC Bed; Most time, you might put your head on your elbow on your head as you lie on the bed to watch a movie but this can be tiring and you neck starts hurting, Even when you turn over to different positions, its still hurting and uncomfortable. so instead, you can get a glasses that allows you to see things 90° around you. So when you lay flat and keep your PC on your chest you still get to see your movie. This Lazy hack, keeps you relaxing.

school hacks for smart students

Get set with the exam tips to enhance your study for various exams and get the better result. Here are two most effective tips which will help you back to school and in other places of learning.

• Use mnemonic

It is a memory tool which helps to retain the information which can be difficult to recall. This technique encodes a difficult to remember information in such a way that it becomes easy to remember. Hence, it can be very useful in school hacks. Mnemonics includes coding information with the vivid mental images which can be reliable code for information and structure of information in daily life hacks. Since these images are vivid, and they are easy to be recalled.

Following steps will help you to use mnemonic effectively.

o Use of positive, pleasant images.
o Use colorful, sense-laden and vivid images, which are easier to be remembered.
o Use all the senses to code the information. It can include the smell, sound, taste, touch, and feelings.
o Give your mental image three dimensions, movement and space to make it livelier.

• Read out loud

When we read out loud, we use our visual pathways to form memory links. Therefore, we remember it for the longer time, as the visuals are easy to remember. People having the photographic memory are good at making the memory connections with the visuals. For a normal human being, relying completely on the visual can be a gap in remembering effectively. Hence, reading out loud helps to form auditory links along with the visual links.

Art Markman, Ph.D. mentioned in his blog about the production effect which tells how reading out helps to retain information better and consider it to be the important study tips.

There are memory pathways of seeing a word and auditory pathways for hearing the word. There is also a memory link to the actual production of words, which is the production effect, this helps to memorize the word or content that is different.