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Bitxoxo-The Top Bitcoin Exchange in India

Cryptocurrencies, are as the name implies, are currencies which are being produced by computer algorithms, thus it has no agency of issuing (like Reserve Bank of America). Any cryptocurrency for example bitcoin is generated by ‘miners’ on a special network that solves complex mathematical problems algorithmically. There are a myriad of cryptocurrencies that are still active till today and almost all of them are same or similar in characteristic, only difference being on the technology they use for encrypting and hashing (to generate a value or values from a string of text through a mathematical function and algorithms). The most popular ones are Bitcoin, Doge Coin, Verge, Ripple and etc.

Bitxoxo is a website that offers the best bitcoin exchange rate in India. This is because we use the best and more efferent third party real time trade software, with everything wired up to the cloud, you will not have to worry about a single problem of server breach or a shutdown of internal servers. Moreover, we charge 0% wallet deposit fees, yes you heard that right; no wallet deposit fees on any of our services which make us the only website that offers the best bitcoin rate for no exchange fees. Buying a cryptocurrency is hard enough, but now with the emergent of or website, you can buy and sell bitcoin with ease.

Ergo, we also provide a multi-platform app, which is easy to use, smart with no tutorials required, fast only use your intuition to exchange bitcoin In our app. Not only our app is secure with the best encryption, we also provide Top bitcoin exchange in India . The only doubt you might have is bitcoin legal? The answer is, although bitcoin’s legal status varies from country to country, it is allowed in most countries and legal to use a formal currency because some countries has endorsed the use of bitcoin because it will not physically deteriorate overtime.