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school hacks for smart students

Get set with the exam tips to enhance your study for various exams and get the better result. Here are two most effective tips which will help you back to school and in other places of learning.

• Use mnemonic

It is a memory tool which helps to retain the information which can be difficult to recall. This technique encodes a difficult to remember information in such a way that it becomes easy to remember. Hence, it can be very useful in school hacks. Mnemonics includes coding information with the vivid mental images which can be reliable code for information and structure of information in daily life hacks. Since these images are vivid, and they are easy to be recalled.

Following steps will help you to use mnemonic effectively.

o Use of positive, pleasant images.
o Use colorful, sense-laden and vivid images, which are easier to be remembered.
o Use all the senses to code the information. It can include the smell, sound, taste, touch, and feelings.
o Give your mental image three dimensions, movement and space to make it livelier.

• Read out loud

When we read out loud, we use our visual pathways to form memory links. Therefore, we remember it for the longer time, as the visuals are easy to remember. People having the photographic memory are good at making the memory connections with the visuals. For a normal human being, relying completely on the visual can be a gap in remembering effectively. Hence, reading out loud helps to form auditory links along with the visual links.

Art Markman, Ph.D. mentioned in his blog about the production effect which tells how reading out helps to retain information better and consider it to be the important study tips.

There are memory pathways of seeing a word and auditory pathways for hearing the word. There is also a memory link to the actual production of words, which is the production effect, this helps to memorize the word or content that is different.