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How to install 32bits Windows 10 on a 64 bits windows 10

Installing a 32-bit windows 10 on a 64 bits windows 10, It is just like overwriting your 64 bits windows 10, its much more easier. And its free. Someone might want to do this, if you find some of your drivers incompartible with the windows 10,64-bits. This should be rare, since windows would still carry out those update foe you, depending on your hardware. Since most hardwares are minimally 32 -bits and if you can run 64-bits, you can definitely run 32-bits. you would have no need to check on you system space. Go to Microsoft webpage and download the Windows 10 media creation tool for 64-bit. Since your hardware was on 64-bit.

Download the Windows 10 media creation tool from Microsoft and run it, click on the option “Create installation media for another PC” ,Use this tool to create USB flash or Burn disc with windows, continue clicking through until you are asked if you want to create 32-bit or 64-bit windows 10 installation media. Click on 32-bit installation media. Now, you start your clean install,

Now you restart your system that must have being previously backed up,(if you didn’t back up, you might loose all your previous files). Boot from installation media, select custom install on the next page. And switch to your 64-bit version of windows, follow the prompts, skip product key, when you reach the desktop. Windows 10 will automatically check in with Microsoft to activate itself.

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